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    Announcements: Exiting the Energy Charter Treaty Event; CfP German Yearbook of International Law; GROMADA Summer School and Moot Court; Global Health

    1. Exiting the Energy Charter Treaty under the Law of Treaties. In the latest in the series Bocconi Conversations in International Law, Lorand Bartels (University of Cambridge) and Tibisay Morgandi (Queen Mary University of London), in conversation with Roger O’Keefe (Bocconi University), will...
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    A Swiss human rights budget?

    In his vigorous, thoroughly readable, partly dissenting opinion to the recent ECtHR climate change ruling (}']Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland), Judge Eicke wonders whether the court has ‘tried to run before it could walk’ (para. 68). In particular, he is exercised by...
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    Breaking New Ground: Climate Change before the Strasbourg Court

    An ocean of ink has been already spilt for the long-awaited judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) on the }']KlimaSeniorinnen v. Switzerland, the ,%22itemid%22:[%22001-233261%22]}']Duarte Agostinho and Others v. Portugal and 32 Others and the }']Carême v. France case (see inter...
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    Climate Change and the ECHR: The Results Are In

    To much media attention, excitement and general anticipation, the European Court of Human Rights finally handed down judgments in the three climate change cases relinquished to the Grand Chamber. The three cases are ,%22itemid%22:[%22001-233206%22]}']Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v...
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    People from La Oroya vs Peru, Inter-American Court of Human Rights: How Effective is International Law to Protect the Environment in Extractive Contex

    On March 22nd, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled a landmark decision on the protection of the right to a healthy environment in the context of mining activities. The Court declared the international responsibility of the Peruvian State for breaching the Inter-American Convention on...
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    Gender Persecution and Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan: Seeking the Appropriate Legal Basis for International Accountability

    From as early as 1980, Afghanistan signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a decisive step in protecting women’s rights to equality, notably in education. Additionally, since 1994, Afghanistan has been a signatory to the International...
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    How a documentary film can help UNCITRAL Working Group III think through ISDS reform

    As states explore options to reform investment treaties and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), they can draw on a growing body of grounded perspectives about how the system works in practice and how it is experienced by those involved in or affected by investment disputes. The Tribunal, a...
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    A Quick Take on the European Court’s Climate Change Judgments

    Today the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights delivered a monumental trio of decisions – one admissibility decision and two judgments – on climate change. In Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland, the Court, by 16 votes to 1 (Judge Eicke dissenting), set...
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    EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 25: Do We Have a Responsibility toward Future Generations?

    What is the Alpha and Omega of Climate Control discourse? Surely it is Intergenerational responsibility. Our responsibility towards future generations. Yet, in January 2023 EJIL published Against Future Generations, by Stephen Humphreys, which challenges this comfort zone. Needless to say, the...
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    Turmeric Garlic Shrimp with Cabbage-Mango Slaw

    Tons of flavor in this quick, anti-inflammatory turmeric garlic shrimp dish! The perfect balance of flavors – ready in under 30 minutes. Turmeric Garlic Shrimp A lot of you have been asking for anti-inflammatory recipes, and I have many on my site, I just have to go through them to label them so...
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    The Glas Case: Diplomatic Asylum Returns to the ICJ?

    On 5 April 2024, in the middle of the night, law enforcement agents of the Republic of Ecuador broke into the Mexican Embassy in Quito and apprehended Jorge David Glas Espinel, former Vice President of Ecuador. Glas had been sentenced to six years imprisonment and, when faced with new criminal...
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    Build a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary

    Welcome wildlife to your backyard! There are lots of ways to make your yard, flower bed, or patio into a wildlife-friendly haven. The post Build a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary appeared first on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
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    The Art of Recycling

    Reducing, reusing, and recycling are some of the most important things we can do to help the earth, but they can also be really fun! The post The Art of Recycling appeared first on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
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    What Nature Means to You

    Nature isn’t just a place to find animals and plants. Nature is relaxing, refreshing, comforting, and inspiring. Do you capture nature’s beauty with a camera or sketchbook? Do you jot down poems or creative writing in a nature journal? Use your art to show us how us how important nature is to...
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    Earth Week

    Get ready to go outside (even if it’s just in your backyard) and celebrate nature with us this week! In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’re getting ready for two fabulous events – a virtual Earth Day celebration and the City Nature Challenge! The post Earth Week appeared first on...
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    Earth Month Wrap-up

    Thank you all for joining us during Earth Month! Just because April is almost over doesn’t mean that you have to stop helping the Earth. There are tons of great environmentally-friendly things for you to do all year. The post Earth Month Wrap-up appeared first on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
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    Birding as Citizen Science

    The Global Big Day is a challenge to bird watchers everywhere: see as many bird species as possible in 24 hours. Will you join the challenge? The post Birding as Citizen Science appeared first on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
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    The Dog Days of Summer

    We’re entering the Dog Days of Summer in a much more literal way this year - with multiple coyote and fox sightings! The post The Dog Days of Summer appeared first on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
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    Experiencing Fall Migration

    Happy Fall Migration! It may have just started to feel like autumn, but for birds, the subtle change in daylight hours at the end of August was enough to trigger their urge to travel. The post Experiencing Fall Migration appeared first on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
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    The Great Owl Rescue

    On a cool February morning, a visitor spotted three white puffballs. They were Great Horned Owl chicks, and they were in trouble! The post The Great Owl Rescue appeared first on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
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